Reviews from Amazon:

“L.G. Siller has created a masterful work, telling the story of Fulton Parks and his journey to independence from his domineering father. From the first page I was completely engaged and quickly became a “Fulton Fan!” I wanted him to succeed so much and couldn’t put the book down. The other people in Fulton’s life are well thought-out characters and the story has humor and twists that result in a thoroughly enjoyable read. I highly recommend this book – become a Fan yourself!”

“I loved this book, it was touching and funny throughout. The character of Fulton Parks was so well written I feel like I know him and that kept me rooting for him. It was a multi-layered story that had the plot and all the sub-plots tightly woven and kept you turning the pages. The writer takes you on a heartfelt and thoughtful journey, and I highly recommend this book.”

“LG Siller’s first novel, The Fulton Parks Scholarship Fund is a fast paced, coming of age story. More than just a run of the mill coming of age story, it is an adventure.
Set in Houston, during its raucous boom town era, the references to music and places make it a nostalgic journey for any reader. For a young man, Fulton is already carrying a lot of baggage and dealing with it by abusing alcohol. The people he encounters and the adventures he takes keep this coming of age story light and fun.  You’ll enjoy every page of this book until its unpredictable conclusion. I look forward to Siller’s next endeavor.”

“Powerful story. Holds your interest. Compelled to find out the end.i would highly recommend it. Everyone has met someone like Fulton Parks IV. Captivating read!”

“I didn’t want to put it down but it offered up lots of sustenance…Very meaty food for thought…”