Great Expectations

I launched my book and we exceeded our goal of getting 100 downloads.  We actually got 144 to be exact and I’m thrilled.  Now that my book is in the hands of the public, I do feel a bit like a new mother – you think your child is adorable, but you would like everyone [...]

Fulton Parks lives!

My novel The Fulton Parks Scholarship Fund finally went live on Amazon August 23, 2016.  I’ve had this dream of publishing a novel for over twenty years and to see it online was a triumphant moment for me.  I remembered a time when I had almost given up on it, and myself.  In 2003 I [...]

In the Face of Fear

I read an interesting article about A.J. Jacobs (The Year of Living Biblically); he suggests four words that can change your life:  It’s just an experiment.  This is a thought hack.  It made me think about all the things I’ve stopped myself from doing because of fear.  This idea of looking at things as just [...]

Getting Ready To Launch

Excitement, trepidation, anxiety and hopefulness - just a few of the things I'm feeling today as I'm a week away from publishing The Fulton Parks Scholarship Fund. August 28th is my Launch Date!!!  It's been quite a journey from that first draft to now getting through the nuts and bolts of self-publishing.  There is definitely a [...]

Silencing the Critic

There is no way that anyone can write a novel and not silence the inner critic, or as my first writing instructor said, “Kill the critic.”   As any writer will tell you, when you first undertake to write anything, much less a novel, you will write badly.  No one is a Hemingway or Faulkner right [...]

on writing a novel

Even though writing is a solitary pursuit, writing a novel does not happen in a vacuum. When I first began this journey of twenty plus years, I enjoyed the alone time in, but as it began to take shape I knew I needed to share the book with others.  I went to several writers workshops [...]