L.G. Siller lives in Houston, Texas with her partner in a log cabin that was built in 1937 by the Boy Scouts.  The Fulton Parks Scholarship Fund is L.G.’s first novel.  Writing came as relief from a boring claims adjuster job.  Penning a murder mystery screenplay, Molly’s Story was in the top five percent of finalists in the Academy Nicholl Fellowship Competition.   Seven screenplays later, L.G. then focused on writing fiction and the nascent idea for the wry and observant protagonist, Fulton Parks, IV was born.  Early drafts were honed at several writing workshops including Inprint and the Sewanee Writers Conference.  In the words of Billy Joel, L.G. is a “real estate novelist” being proficient in writing and at flipping, designing and building houses with her partner.  Although The Fulton Parks Scholarship Fund is definitely a work of fiction, ample story lines have been borrowed from real life.  Stay tuned to www.lgsiller.com and read about upcoming writing projects.

You can find the book Amazon:

https://www.amazon.com/author/lgsiller    Kindle/Paperback

You can also find L.G. Siller on Facebook and Twitter (lgsiller2012):



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