Post Book Signing

I just completed my first book signing.  It was a huge success, according to the River Oaks Bookstore – one of their best ever!  Just when you think writing is tough, marketing your writing is much tougher. Mustering the courage to take my novel into a workshop and get feedback was hard enough, but there was something about asking folks to take their precious time to attend my book signing that was anxiety producing.  I am so humbled by all the people who came out and purchased my book, and who will now hopefully read it.  I’m also acutely aware of the time commitment it takes to read – especially these days – and I’m very grateful.  And I have special gratitude to my sweet Rebecca. She has encouraged me to take each painstaking step to market Fulton. I couldn’t have done this without her!

I look forward to more success for my novel and continue to turn my attention to my new writing project(s).   I’ve been bouncing from idea to idea, not quite sure what I should write and letting life get in the way.  I guess this is a problem of prosperity because I have no dearth of ideas, but I’m seeing which one will come to the forefront. That brings me to what I’m musing about today. In talking about writing The Fulton Parks Scholarship Fund, I remember the fledgling idea for this novel came from the main character floating into my consciousness.  Once there, he wouldn’t stop talking!  So even though I have many ideas for a new novel or screenplays, I realize that I’m waiting for that new protagonist to start talking to me.  In the interim, I think I should still write whatever and however, but while I’m ‘waiting,’ I’m ready, willing and listening.

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