Ideal Day

My ideal day is the topic for Day 3 of the 10 Day Blog Challenge.  Sometimes I have to draw myself into the right place and today I’m thinking about my desire to live a more minimalist lifestyle.  I remember a time when all my belongings fit into the back of my 1977 Toyota Corolla Liftback.  Maybe that’s why I have a fascination with micro-housing, and in particular, building houses out of shipping containers. Here is my container house:


I would want to wake up with my partner, drink coffee, write and take walks.  I’m lucky to be in a relationship where we enjoy each other’s company.  And, of course, we would be work on our recovery and personal growth, spend time with friends and family and travel.  It’s less about the where because I think I could be happy most places, but it’s about whom you are with and what you are doing; and most importantly doing it with the a perspective of service and an attitude of gratitude.  We are lucky to live in this country, despite its problems, and when you think about it – every day above ground is an ideal day.

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