To Focus or Not to Focus

I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on what I wasn’t doing, instead of actually doing.  I’ll give you an example.  I can work up a full head of steam with worry and anxiety about needing to make money.  The rallying cry for this is “I’ve got to do something!  Right now!!!”   Panic isn’t pretty.  This is when the Four Horsemen of Terror, Bewilderment, Frustration, and Despair take over and end up riding me into the ground – regretting the past, fretting about the future and basically curled up in a ball on the bed – not a great start to living your ideal life.  But when I can just get into the moment and do the next right thing, then I take tangible action and not let myself get stopped by feelings.  Feelings lie.  Feelings are not my friends sometimes, but action can be.  Action is what gets me from point A to point B, not feelings.  Sure it’s important to bellybutton gaze now and again – believe me I’ve done my fair share – but sometimes the only cure for what ails you is taking action.  It’s how I finished my novel and got it published.

The other thing that I do that isn’t helpful is to second guess myself.  This was particular bad when I was younger – stuck on the horns of ‘what will people think’ and ‘what if I fail – or God forbid – look foolish.’  Growing up helps you get over this self-consciousness, but aging kicks it into gear.  So what if you fail or embarrass yourself, and who is going to be the judge of that anyway – other people who are afraid to act?  So yeah, go ahead and go out on that limb and dare to make a big ‘mistake’ because mistakes are only really about missing the mark and they are the building blocks of experience.  Tony Robbins talks about a baby learning to walk – the first time he attempts a step and falls – you aren’t going to shut him down and say ‘that’s it for you – I guess you’re not going to walk after all.’  See what I mean – mistakes = experience, and experiences eventually equals success.  Maybe not where you thought you were headed, but where you were supposed to end up all along.

“This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1:”


One thought on “To Focus or Not to Focus

  1. Thanks Laura. This is just what I needed to hear today in order to stop spinning and take ACTION, ACTION, ACTION.

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