Fulton Parks lives!


August 27, 2016 by lgsiller

My novel The Fulton Parks Scholarship Fund finally went live on Amazon August 23, 2016.  I’ve had this dream of publishing a novel for over twenty years and to see it online was a triumphant moment for me.  I remembered a time when I had almost given up on it, and myself.  In 2003 I quit my job as a software tester to finish my novel and toiled for the next two years.  It would get finished, but I could not find an agent to represent me and had to go back to my day job, a humbling thing.  I felt like such a failure and I will admit I got very depressed and discouraged.  Despite prodding to write another book, the novel basically went ‘in a drawer’ and I stopped writing.   Of course, I was proud that I had actually written a novel, not an easy accomplishment, but unpublished it was very much like that tree in a forest that falls with no one around and doesn’t make a sound.

Fast forward to 2011, I was still working at the proverbial salt mine, but a friend at work encouraged me to self-publish my novel on Amazon.  At first, I resisted, still clinging to that notion of getting an agent, but self-publishing was beginning to shed some of the stigma attached to it and was becoming more than just an avenue for mere vanity products.  The whole landscape of the publishing industry was changing and in the process becoming more egalitarian.  Just like with music and YouTube, the idea was getting your creation into the hands of public, and not funneled through just a handful of agents and publishing houses.

And the thing is, I still believed in my novel.  Every time I did think about it, I would still feel the old excitement, but it needed an outlet.  My novel was a labor of love that needed to be birthed.  With new focus in 2016, I made a pass through the novel and was finally was satisfied with the end product.  Maybe it had needed that additional period of gestation.  Then I tackled the maze of doing the necessary things to get a book online, which definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zone.  Although it took me five years from that point in 2011 to actually published my novel, it was well worth the wait.

One thought on “Fulton Parks lives!

  1. shirleyredwine says:

    Good for you, L.G. Siller! “They say” where there’s a will there’s a way, and there just had to be a way for your story to get out there. I’m a Fulton Fan.

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