In the Face of Fear


August 22, 2016 by lgsiller

I read an interesting article about A.J. Jacobs (The Year of Living Biblically); he suggests four words that can change your life:  It’s just an experiment.  This is a thought hack.  It made me think about all the things I’ve stopped myself from doing because of fear.  This idea of looking at things as just an experiment, just a process of discovery, is freeing.  We can extricate ourselves from the imprisonment of fear of failure, rejection, embarrassment, making a mistake – and fear’s constant companions – doubt, uncertainty, procrastination and self-flagellation.   It has been said that the ego mind wants us dead, but it will settle for misery and all the above feelings certainly qualify.

At this time in my life, I am attempting to free myself from fear in many areas of my life, publishing my novel is certainly a huge one for me.  Taking action, going towards things that make you uncomfortable and being solidly in the moment has been a radical act.  A leap of faith that has taken me outside my comfort zone and has me doing things like asking for help and being vulnerable – not my strong suits.  Moreover, daring to do it imperfectly.  I had a real-time lesson of this last night when, in a brief moment of triumph, we got our 100 people for my Pre-Release Team.  I sent them all an email about my novel launch – only to receive a very sweet response from one person – that I had a typo in my synopsis!  Obviously, not the end of the world, but for this recovering perfectionist, it was humbling.  Not to say, that I didn’t kick myself for not spell-checking (I have genetic propensity to not do this), and I did toss and turn a bit in the throes of some negative chatter inside my head.  Ultimately, though, I let it go and chalked it up to: this is just an experiment and I had one, of what I’m sure, will be many teachable moments as I continue to live experimentally.

One thought on “In the Face of Fear

  1. shirleyredwine says:

    Go for it lgsiller! I’ll follow your good example.

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